Thank you for choosing to stay in contact. I am open to all inquiries.

But Please Note!!!

(1) I only respond to serious collaborations and sponsorship. 

Everything excluding that is automatically filtered to my spam mail before I get a chance to see them. (So please ensure that you aren't wasting your own time).

(2) The types of collaborations I accept and respond to:

a) Sending items for genuine product reviews or promotion

(i.e. clothes, make-up, jewellery pieces)

b) Events and meet ups 

(i.e. Christmas Event, Masterclass event, Blogging Events or Parties)

(3) Advertising space comes with an expense 

If you require advertising space on my blog in the form of a blog post or banner, feel free to stay in touch. 

(4) Lastly, for Other queries 

If you are a Photographer, Make-up Artist, a Sponsor or someone with general inquiries and would like me to promote your site, brand, company or product. I am open to those kinds of requests as well (dependent on theme).

(5) When sending an email please state the following:

(a) Your Name 
(b) Your Brand, Site or Company - Please also include your URL and Social media pages (if applicable)
(c) Where you came across my blog 
(d) Your reason of contact 

It doesn't have to be in that exact order, but please make sure that you cover all four of the requirements in your email, and I endeavor to get back to your request as soon as possible. Many thanks.

Feel free to contact me here

Winnie :)

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