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My Mini Holiday Essentials

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I am a blogger and this is my space where I share my thoughts, adventures and so on in greater detail. I've recently discovered that many people from around the world are reading my blog which is absolutely amazing so I just thought to toss it in there. Anyways, 

this is my very first New York blog post and I'm willing to make it short, as I just landed home yesterday from New York and I am absolutely jet lagged. I'm also suffering from a terrible cold and sore throat so I'm not exactly feeling my absolute best whilst typing this up. But nothing will stop my excitement whilst blogging so let's get straight with the essentials that I picked out for the blog today. 

(1) Nyx Lingerie Lip Liner 
This Nyx lip liner tube has been formatted in a way that it almost looks like a replica of the Kylie lip kits but (obviously) at a much more affordable price. I love Nyx but the one featured in the picture is not my actual favourite shade. This shade is like a faded chocolate brown colour - currently one of the bestsellers at Nyx cosmetics stores, and that's the ultimate reason why I purchased it. However, I did begin to fall in love with this lipstick whilst I was in New York; jazzing it up together with my favorite shade. What I love about it is it's ability to 'mattify' over glossy lips, and therefore you can kiss someone without having to worry about it coming off your lips just like the Kylie Jenner lip kits.   
Nyx Lingerie Shade | 'LIPL23 After Hours'
My favourite Nyx shade | 'MLS20 Audrey'

(2) Hairfinity Edges Serum 
I LOVVVVEEEE this product. I just love how it's a thin product designed for the growth of your edges: jampacked with a lot of vitamins and essential oils. It's ability to dissolve enables me to slick and style my edges without having to worry about dewy and grey residue appearing above the gel. A bit like what happens when you slick your edges with gel after laying castor oil on it (*headache* ewww). 

(3) Hairfinity Botanical Oil 
This badboy is jampacked with all the good oils in the world just for the promotion of healthy hair growth. It can be used on the scalp up until the ends of your hair. It's the perfect travel bottle size (this was why it had to come with me just to keep my braids fresh). 

(4) Laura Mercier oil-free foundation Primer 
'If you don't prime, you ain't worth a dime'...
This Laura Mercier primer was pretty pricey, I purchased my tub from London but I could have got it from New York (either way it's an expensive primer) but does the job. Though it's oil free, it's very creamy (which isn't cool for someone with oily skin like me). You still need some mattifying products like translucent powder when rocking this (especially if you're in a hot country like I was). The benefit of it is that it works to stop someone from looking orange after a couple hours of wearing foundation. I usually combine my skin cream with this primer, rub it together and apply on my face and let it set for a couple of minutes before applying any make-up. Primer is an essential piece when wearing makeup. REMEMBER THAT!!!

(5) SugarBearHair Vitamins 
These vitamins are sooo yummy. The first time I used them, I saw results instantly, the second time, not so much since I wasn't wearing a good protective style (which explains the stunt in growth). But I personally like them because they're edible (they taste like sweets literally) but I do eat them for hair growth results. I think they're working again this time around because I have a great protective style which actually makes my hair grow; which would explain how my hair grew out the braids sooo fast. 

(6) New Look Sunglasses 
These are my favorite pair of sunglasses, they're just soo sophisticated and fun to rock as an accessory and it's perfect for blocking sun illumination. 

(7) Claire's Unicorn iphone 5s Case 
My Claire's iPhone case is the BOMB!!!! It makes a magical sound too, that I love sooo much. It's super cute and literally attracts a lot of attention from people on the street. It's the perfect disguise for your phone if you're worried about getting hijacked on the street since it does look like a cute toy from afar but in reality it works as a great protector for your phone. 
As you may or may not know Unicorns are soo in style nowadays, more than ever!!! There's just something about them that's unique which never really dies. It may be down to the fact that they're secretly every girl's ideal dream pet with their beautiful glow and multicolored mane and tail. Or maybe down to the fact that they're adorable and the perfect combination of 'pretty' and 'cute' (sums up the ideal woman - no wonder they're compatible). So the fact that they're officially trending everywhere is a girl's dream come true. Unicorns can be found on merchandise, on clothes, on iphone cases and Now at Claire's

My Unicorn Case | Claire's

Be sure to check out more on Unicorn trends using that link right there (up above).

That's it from my mini essentials today. 
Of course I have many other 'obvious' travel essentials such as skin cream, toothbrush, foundation, soap etc but I thought these products would make interesting blogging material... 

Have a wonderful Time guys, Check out my The Unicorn space!!!

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    1. Thank you,
      have you checked out the unicorn space yet girl?

  2. This Claire's iphone case is so cute ! i need one!

  3. I am dying to try those vitamins they look so yummy

    1. Haha they're really yummy do try when you can

  4. So fun! I love your Iphone Case! Looks like i need to head over Claire's now! :)
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  7. Wonderful essentials! I love your Unicorn Case! =)

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