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5 Places you NEED to visit in New York!!!

Whats'Up People 
Get Ready for some great news!!! 
Because today I'll be touching on the meat!!! What I actually mean is that I'm going to be sharing my review on 5 amazing places in New York that you need to see. So if you're planning to visit New York without a clue of what to do, then I've got you boo. (P.s. I promised you 2017 would be AWESOME). Let's get straight into it!!!
(1) Wyndham New Yorker Hotel
First on my list is the Hotel I stayed at whilst I was in New York -  known as the 'Wyndham New Yorker.'

To my surprise, we were blessed to find out that our hotel is very famous. We weren't aware of this before and that's why I highly recommend booking with this hotel. The New Yorker takes pride in having some of the most iconic people in the world stay with them including moi of course haha. 
  • They have had "The Greatest" himself - Mr Muhammad Ali as their guest, 
  • Along with Former Heavy Weight Champion Max Baer 
  • Politicians like Robert Kennedy campaigned here in 1964 
  • CNN also took over the the Yorker's Tick Tock Diner during the 2004 Republican convention
Overall I would rate our Hotel an 8/10 - 
  • For its great reputation 
  • The amazing museum it has located on the lower ground floor 
  • Great hospitality
  • Excellent room service
  • And a great diner with a unique menu - (we ate true American dishes)
  • I also enjoyed the fact that our TV played American movies that were filmed in New York which really set the scene for us
  • The WIFI connection was slow most of the time

(2) Times Square / The Broadway 
Second on my List is Times Square.
Times Square is the face of New York!!!
This was the center of our stay as we stopped by here nearly everyday, to visit many of the stores, grab lunch, get the subway and collect all of our souvenirs. I was super happy to get the chance to shop at Sephora, for my make-up goodies as it currently doesn't exist here in the UK. 
I also want to highlight how amazing my cousin was for purchasing us tickets to experience a Night Time Comedy Show right in Times Square just so we could get a real feel of American culture. Though I didn't have a laugh, I got an insight into the lifestyle of Puerto-Ricans, White and Black Americans; and I still really recommend getting up to something in Times Square.

(3) The Ever-So-Famous Statue of Liberty 
Third on the list: The Statue of Liberty,
Visiting the Statue of Liberty was not part of the plan just because we didn't have a big enough budget to go. But my God had our back and He blessed us with an opportunity we actually never saw coming. Together we paid each $18.60 (which is relatively inexpensive) to board a boat to Ellis Island where The Statue of Liberty was located.
I'm not a fan of statues, but since I was in the big apple, I took the opportunity to go all out visiting the most iconic places in New York. What I did enjoy was the food served on Ellis Island, I had a juicy New Yorker Burger with fries and hospitality was just top notch. Those dudes really gave me excellent service and treated me like a Nubian Queen (literally haha). 
On that note, 
I learnt the history of the Statue of Liberty and I'm not addressing Lady Liberty being a gift from the French to the Americans. But, the original study which states that The statue of Liberty was a tribute to black slaves based on "Egypt bringing light to Asia." Initially, the female statue had African features with broken chains at her feet and on her left hand. But the U.S. persuaded the designer to eliminate its authenticity by altering her features - which I found very interesting... For more info on this you can check the link here (and remember to do your own research).

(4) Brooklyn Bridge 
Fourth on the list is Brooklyn Bridge,
Brooklyn Bridge was the highlight of the trip for me. Reasons being, was because I came to realization that I don't like busy bridges. To my surprise, the bridge was constructed by wood which made me very skeptical about continuing the walk across. Especially since, I could feel the vibration of the fast moving cars right below on the motorway. (It wasn't a nice feeling to be honest). But anyway here is an
*Interesting Fact* 
Brooklyn Bridge was apparently the longest suspension bridge built in the world until 1903 and if you want to know more information on that click here.

(5) Central Park 
Last on the list but not the least is Central Park, 
There are many things you can get up to in Central Park, like buy an ice-cream, play sports, book a rider to ride you around the park, jump on a boat and take a tour on the canal, get your portrait drawn, book a horse ride, buy a painting and the list is endless. We got to witness someone get married which was pretty eccentric. 

the list is endless, I would also definitely recommend taking a trip to Rockefeller, The Empire State building, Sephora (if you love make-up like me) I must admit that the guy who served us gave us a true taste of great customer service at Sephora (Thank you).
Lastly, I forgot to mention that FRAMED was my favourite restaurant to eat at. It's just off Times Square. I loved the plantain, the southern fried chicken, the noodles, the veg, the RICE!! and everything else. It was super expensive to eat there but very yummy and filling.

Overall I rate my entire experience an 8/10

Thanks New York. 

That is all for today,

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  1. Ah... one of my fave cities! Great post! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  2. That hotel looks amazing! I want to stay there!

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  7. Stunning photos ! I hope I will be able to see New York someday.

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  9. Such a great round-up! NYC is one of my places to visit, Winnie! Love the pics too! Wanna go back so bad!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. Wow with this now I want to visit New York ,loving the pictures too .love claris

  11. I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing as I'm planning to see NYC for the first time. I'm reading your other posts too while in the states.

    1. Awww thanks so honoured to hear that my lovely

  12. Interesting post darling!
    Wish you a nice day!
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  13. I like you mentioned about RICE on the last paragraph. Someday I want to taste the FRAMED. And who knows can bring with me the blue butterfly pea from our garden in Prambanan to NY. Thank you for sharing. I found you first in the youtube comment of Mattie James that suggest to have blogger friend to promote your blog. Okay I got it.


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